Interested? So am I.
      Cost Depends on the project. Tell me what your budget is.
Don’t worry. I’m a big boy. I can take it. No, you first.
    Non-Union work? Yes, I do that. I’ll also audition, if you like.  
      Size does NOT matter when it comes to your media market.  
      Email me a script. Be sure to spell localized and technical
words or names phonetically
      Let’s agree on a price and a time. You can direct me during
the session, or you can give me a little direction ahead of time,
and I can take it from there.
      I’ll deliver the audio file of your choice electronically.  
      Tweak-Head section— MICS-Neumann TLM103-Blue Mouse
Audio Technica Shotgun CONSOLE-Millennia HV-3 Pre-amp
DIGI 003 Control Surface-Musicam Roadrunner ISDN Codec
JK In Line Phone Patch COMPUTER-Mac Pro Nahalem 2.66GHZ
w/ 8GHZ RAM-and the latest version of Pro Tools.

Somebody always asks, sooner or later. You know how it is.
      That’s it. My contact info is right down there.  
Let’s Do This.